Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never say Never..EVER!

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The summer of 1999. Star Wars: Episode 1 was making its way to the cinema, Austen Powers had a sequel coming out shortly..Ben Affleck was the most bankable movie star of the moment.
I was 13 and I bought a magzine called SCI FI world. It was summer movie previous magazine covering all the latest news . Before the internet you would have to actually go out and buy articles on the latest movies that were rumoured to be in production..and you had no where to comment on it except for your friends at school..and that may have been only two people considering the subject matter.
Flash forward to 2011! I found the SCI FI magazine in a box of old books and there was an article in it titled. The 10 Best Movies You'll Never See! This article had 10 movies along with 10 hand draw illustration dream posters to fit the films.
It's funny to me, because that was only 12 years ago and 9 out of the 10 movies have been made...twice over in some cases! I thought I would scan the original posters made for the article and line them up with the actual movie posters.
Its a funny reminder to never say never. I can't believe I took this is stone truth when I was younger. I mean come on, James Camerson directs SPIDERMAN? or Johnny Depp as the HULK? or BEN AFFLECK AS BATMAN!? Its amazing how certain things are a flash in the pan.

*Note the only movie that didnt get made to this day was a film called 'Buckaroo Bonzai 2'

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