Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wizard World Con 2011

Here are two other pieces I was selling at the Wiz Con in March. I thought they were cute. I tried to get the hardcore classic gamers interested, but, honestly, there weren't that many, which really sucked because I thought they would get a kick out of these. The top 3 comments I got from kids under the age of 10 were;

" Eeeewwwwwwwww look at Mario!"

"Look at Mario! he's so fat!"

" Look Mario is a potato!"

I almost got into a fight with an 8 year old because he thought Mario shoots fire from his mouth and not his hands. It got real sad at that point. The guys had to pull me away and send me on a pizza run.

The boys
Well the Con came and went, had a really good time. but a WAY better time seeing friends who drove down. Braden Jon and Jen were great company making the trek down from Ottawa and the happy couple Adam & Rosemary joined in the festivities too! looking forward to the next con, got to meet lots of great artists' too!

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