Sunday, March 21, 2010

Holy Screen Direction, Batman.

I try to avoid long posts. I prefer to keep it simple. However, this was something I've been reviewing for the last few days.

I recently was watching Batman Returns ('92) and there is this scene where Batman and Catwoman have a rooftop fight...and it has the weirdest editing choices and screen direction I've seen before. I had to draw it out to explain how it happens.

Enjoy my analysis...

In shot 1- Batman falls over ledge and clasps Catwoman's whip.
Shot 2- Batman looking up at Catwoman.
Shot 3- Batman hanging over intersection with nothing underneath him but the streets.
Shot 4- Batman throws something at Catwoman and she flies back to screen left ( to what I assume is over the ledge.
Shot 5- Catwoman enters screen top right on to slanted roof ( I dont know from where...or how)
Shot 6- Batman lands on a ledge and is now looking at her, with her back facing him ( thats what the camera tells me)
Shot 7-Catwoman slides more and more
Shot 8- Batman's hand enters screen top right and pulls her to safety.

check it out for yourself if you want. I just wanted to remind myself that planning out your shots is super important.

watch it here and judge for yourself.

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eunzi kim said...

hahahha this is so cute! (ur analysis!)
but yah. what the heck happened there? so confused.