Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gerry Zeldin

This was my last year of life drawing at Sheridan, and I was so lucky to have Gerry Zeldin as my instructor. Gerry has been away due to illness and we weren't sure if we'd ever see him again. But on the last day of the semester he came to his Friday class. He was a little tired and looked a little different than usual but he still made the rounds to each student. Past and present students had come to join in his last class that he would teach. It was really a surreal moment to take part in.

I've really found a great comfort zone now for my drawings. I don't worry on making a pretty picture but instead focus on getting the character across. But at the same time not forgetting the structure. Here are a selection of drawings I did in that last class. Gerry gave me lots of great feedback on these ones and I had one of the best classes in years.

(I've started using the model as my base and then applying existing characters to make them more believable, ie Bugs Bunny)

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Jason Curtis said...

Really great sketches. Life drawing isn't one of my strong area's (in fact, I suck at it) so I can really appreciate your talent when I look at these.

Nice story about your instructor as well.