Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This ain't no game, boy!

I wish real plumber's looked like this guy.

Nothing special. I drew this last night before I fell asleep. Held the pen like a brush and put no real thought into the drawing as I went along. Then this morning I just sploshed together some colours to make it look like it was on a Gameboy. Hard to believe that the Gameboy is only 20 years old...compare that to today's ipod's. Mad world.


eel bog said...

HA! I love your style.
The scratchy, dirty stuff is my favorite.

Andrew Murray said...


Jonathan Coit said...

Nintendo needs to step up and make a Mario game in this style. They may grab new Wii gamers.
Looking forward to see the whole Miserable Mario collection.

Andrew Murray said...

I havent drawn any since like last year. but it was fun. could you imagine a new design for that little Italian plumber? oh wouldnt that be the day. lol

Like I said before, the best live action feature they could do would be Danny Devito as Mario and Zoey Deschanel as Princess Peach; with epic production work that looks like the lord of the rings establishing shots. ha ha.

Carla Veldman said...

haha, love the miserable mario plumber..

Jonathan Coit said...

I think a bad ass CG movie that has a gritty style.

Andrew Murray said...

you think they will ever make another mario movie? I mean the last one was ...well what can you say, but at the same time its pretty good considering the pitch must have been, this.

2 plumbers, a princess, a lizard race that are like humans, walking mushrooms, parallel dimensions.

nuff said.