Sunday, August 2, 2009

Los Beatles

Did this today while I was listening to every cover version of Hey Jude that I could find. The one I've linked was probably my favorite.


agnes said...

There are so many awesome parts of this video:
-the gibberish at the beginning (or is it some lunguage i can't descipher)
-the amount of "R"'s he's able to get into this song
-the fact that the kid's got a mullet
-the adorability :O :O <3

Love the illu, it's so colorful and they stand out nicely. I can also tell which is which :D Coolbeans :)

Andrew Murray said...

haha, yeah that video was awesome. Thanks, for the comment deary

Carla Veldman said...

nice colours, too.

foo-ray-ya said...

Holy crap andrew m ! That looks really sweet.

Andrew Murray said...

Thanks Foo ray ya!

hows the summer been up to this point? still working?