Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Student Group Film- JUST DESSERTS

Here is our third year group film. Thanks go to Kyu for uploading it. Looking back now it seems alot longer than what it originally was. I would have made lots of changes too, but what's done is done. It was a great experience working with my fellow students. The scenes I worked on can be seen at 0:58, 1:32, 1:50, 1:54, 2:36...I think that's all. thought it was more, but we all worked an various parts all together.

I also lent my voice to the groom and the line; 'There He Is!'


Matthew Kalinauskas said...

Hey! Thanks man! Yeah, I'm definitely in need of a new posing. I hope to be on it soon. Thanks for the comment. I think your stuff is pretty cool. I like the guy by the internet booth.

Dan said...

haha nice watch man, very well done. See you in a few weeks.