Wednesday, July 1, 2009

pocket sketch book

These were an attempt at quick studies of some of the houses here I've seen in Ireland...though I feel that these are just overworked with pen and uninspiring for the most part.
A few character sketches and this drawing I did of Tracy Qiu's title character from her film,
Lobster Boy. It was one of my personal favorite and memorable films from Sheridan 2009.


eunzi kim said...

i actually like over penned drawings! =D
something about it... has it's own charm! keep working with it! i think ur on to something =D

Amanda said...

Awmy gawd, Lobster Boy was adorable! 8) awesome fanarts :p

And I like your little colourful houses! Awww, Andrew. So cute.

Everything's good btw, trying to develop the film idea. What about you?

Abz said...

good work bro!