Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lucky Charms

I'm spending the summer in Ireland. Just got here a week ago and its pretty fantastic. I'm doing some work at a studio here as part of my program at school. Really great environment, everyone is pretty friendly here. This is just a quick sketch I did. a tap dancing leprechaun.


Amanda said...

Congrats, Andrew! That must be so exciting 8) I can't wait to hear what kind of stuff you're doing. And what kind of crazy shenanigans you'll get into to.

Mitch K said...

What studio are you at??

Andrew Murray said...

Thanks Amanda, Shenanigans? me? (rolls eyes) I havent the slightest idea what you mean. :)

Its going really well, I got to watch 'Secret of Kells' the other day and it was really well done, Very fun to watch. the studio is really cool to work in, Hows YOWZA? I bet you and Boris are getting a wealth of information. Thanks for the update

Mitch- Im working at Cartoon Saloon. Hows everything been with you?

Braden said...

Hey Dude,

hope ireland is rocking! have you drank any beer yet? Please say yes, please say yes!!

Anyways, this is something that will haunt me now. I will forever be looking over my shoulder for tapdancing leprechauns. *shakes fist*

Andrew Murray said...

lol, well you will be sadly disappointed sir. not a drop yet. I even went on the tour of the Guinness store house where you learn to pour a Guinness the proper way, and at the end of the tour at the top of the building shaped like a giant Pint you get a pint of Guinness....yet I gave mine away.

Its only been 2 weeks though.

Mitch K said...

Cartoon Saloon no way! The Secret of Kells looks awesome! Man, you must be havin' a time!

I'm animating at Copernicus in Halifax, comically for an Irish production. The main character in the show looks just like the boy from Kells -- I guess there's only one design for an Irish kid!

Andrew Murray said...

haha that's awesome mitch.

Yeah I got to watch Kells the other day when I got here. a really really beautifully crafted film. Visually its so nice, and it was great to see a 2-d flick. I talked to the Director and he said they are looking to do some sort of limited release in North America...maybe to DVD. I dunno about theatres.. But there is a comic out there which has taken the shots from the film. very true to the movie. you should check it out.