Saturday, May 16, 2009


The other week The Toronto Comics Art Festival was happening. It only takes place every 2 years. Lots of fun to check out the comic community in TO. There are some special guests and lots of indie comics and work to showcase. One of my reasons to go this year was to see J. Bone. I found out about his work from the first TCAF I went to in 2007. Ever since I have been following and purchasing his work. So I met up with him and had a nice chat. In fact He already knew who I was since I have been commenting on his blog since the last TCAF. So it was a really fun time.

After I left TCAF I went down to Kensington Market and took these photos. The rain was coming down and it had this nice mood over the whole city. It was just really cool to take a minute from walking from point A to B and just watch what was going on around me.

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Mitch K said...

Awesome photos! You've captured what it's like to be on those streets in the rain. I have to admit that I'm nostalgic for it.