Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cutting Room Floor

So Im working on a group film this semester...we're in production now. Pretty busy time of the year. Here is a scene I was working on in the film. It was conceived back in October of '08, boarded, workbooked, rough layout, and poses for the animtion and just the other day I had to cut it from the film. But that's not a problem. It wasn't helping the story. But I thought I'd show all the work I had done up until this point.

Sometime's you gotta know when to let go and move on.


jacks said...

nice looking stuff sir

eunzi kim said...

i know how that feels! i think one of my small scenes are getting cut too. not sure which.
ho ho ho!!! =DDDD

Andrew Murray said...

ho ho ho. yeah it happens. though. ho ho ho . how goes the film? ho ho ho. only 2 more weeks. YAY!