Monday, February 23, 2009

Life Drawing

I slept in for class this morning...the sight of snow outside made me go under the blankets. But I wish I made it on time since we had this costumed clown model. I also uploaded these drawings I did from Thursday night. My year has a life drawing portfolio due on Friday and we all had to get a few more drawings. It was nice to see so many faces there. Its been a while since we all just got together to life draw.


Amanda said...

The third drawing is the best I think. The pose is the most clear and interesting out of the bunch.

Andrew Murray said...

Thanks dear,
I love to get feedback on these. Though...I wont lie when I say these were some of the *cough* last minute portfolio drawings from the night before. ha ha.


Amanda said...

You should come drawing with us on our new once-a-week-at-least drawing thing we want to do.

We will switch up where we go. Hernando wants to go to the zoo this saturday.

Andrew Murray said...

aw that sounds awesome, but I'll be in Kitchener this Saturday, but Id definetly go for more!

King M. Mugabi said...

you wrote this write up with a hint of poetry

if you submit it into say a 5th grade contest maybe you'd win


seriously tho
you know what i mean

keep it up