Saturday, January 31, 2009

Im still alive!


I do plan to post more stuff, but right now its the crunch/calm before the storm. I'm working hard to get my work done for our group film and meet all the deadlines and at the same time I have a demo reel to assemble ASAP. In a week or so we will have our production fully up and running and I gotta get this work done! I had this photo taken at 3 am today. I just got home now and its 5am. So I'm off to bed for a few hours then back up to continue the workload. But I will get some stuff up when I have the time... I didn't want people to stop checkin this blog out thinking I had forgotten about it.

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Dan Sprogis said...

Man I know how that is. I took 2 senior capstone projects last year and it was Hell. Goodluck Buddy, feel free to check out my updated work, I'm just about ready to send it in.