Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hold on, Hold on! I didn't approve this Sketch!

Since this mornings post, I also have been watching the entire collection of Monty Python. Still struggling with painting digitally. I didn't really plan for this one to go up here so that's why it's more of a quick colour study sketch if I wanted to furthur develope it. But I really liked the original sketch of it.


Thomps said...

well uhhh if you liked the original sketch so much then why didn't you post that one instead of your damn color study?

ps. who gave you permission to watch my dvd's on my tv and my dvd player huh? punk

Andrew Murray said...

Well I thought I would just TRY! gosh!
Oh and that isnt even the HALF of what I've used. you know that Boston Tea Cup??.....*sips tea* mmmm good tea!
Im almost done the DVD's seems it takes a good 48 hours to get through half of it.

p.s. Thanks for your honest critic on my work sir.

*sips tea*