Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stupid Frog


Animator Andy presents...his stupid frog animation and the final 30sec reel.




Thomps said...

such a stoooopid frog.. kinda like yourself though isn't it? i am hilarious.

Wayne-Michael Lee said...

This turned out pretty sweet. The attention is directed where it needs to be clearly in the short time span and it works really well. Well done!

Andrew Murray said...

thanks man,

Yeah its funny how it works out eh? By the time I was doing the clean up and testing the shots I was just about to hang myself cuz it didn't look right at all, but when you throw in a BG that fits it and some MUCH needed sound effects you get something that you look at your like wow, I didn't expect this. but hey Im pretty proud of it..I just wish we could have done something like this last year. oh well.

Amanda said...

That sucker got what he deserves!
I quite like the snappiness in his legs when he jumps 8)

And I agree, we so could have done something like this last year.

And yah I'm still jingling your balls...err, bells. :p

Andrew Murray said...

Damn you Zima!

I sit on my chair by the fire and I'm enjoy a Tea and KitKat when HARK i hear somone go by my door and take a swipe at my bells!

Jamie said...

Nice work Andrew! Expecting great things from your film now. :)

Andrew Murray said...

....better hold on that one Jamie. ha ha. There is no freakin' way im even close to ready yet...we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for the support though.

Mitch K said...

Hahaha Cartoon goodness! Love the sad banjo at the end.