Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Something Neat

Here's a video I took of Eric Goldberg animating, He was discussing breakdowns and timing charts. Sorry no audio.



Amanda said...

Haha, Boris has the same video, except your camera is in the way :p

wicked though :B

Boris M. said...

I most certainly do. Yours looks much better.
Did you get the one of him drawing the zebra too?

Andrew Murray said...

I did get that one, and i was trying to upload both of them but for some reason the zebra upload was an epic fail. I've been so busy I forgot to give it another shot. but yeah. I think Ben Thomas actually got the zebra drawing at the end of the demo.

Mitch K said...

COOL THANKS for sharing, Mr. Murray.

(ps: the first three letters of the word verification are 'nes'. Cool!)