Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ottawa Internation Animation Festival

This past weekend was the OIAF, my first time going too. It was amazing. Didn't draw a whole lot but that was only because there was SO much to do. I'd have to say the highlights were the Pixar/Disney panels on two of their shorts (Presto & Glago's Guest), The Teletoon student awards, short film competitions and of course the Eric Goldberg lecture on Character Animation. Here are some photos taken from there.
mmm Beavertails!
outside Parliment
me drawing right beside Eric Goldberg (awesome)
Christy Karakas-creator of Superjail on Adult Swim


Wayne-Michael Lee said...

Looked like fun. Man I wish I could've gone.

And holy shit at the Eric Goldberg picture.

Andrew Murray said...

Yeah Wayne it blew my mind how awesome it was. the only part that sucked was when we ate at the KEG and we had to eat in 15 mins and run to a screening...it hurt so much running across the city after scarfing down a baseball of meat.

Qbum Lee said...

I am not a crook

Andrew Murray said...

oh you are so! stop lyin' to everyone! ha ha