Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life Drawings

Life drawings, feeling pride in my work again, still have lots to learn, but loving each mistake I make. It will only teach me more.


eunzi kim said...

awesome!!! it seemeD like you really careD about these Drawings~~~ it's gooD stuff! =DDD

Andrew Murray said...

Tank-U ANJuRA!

I want to get back in to the art aspect of animation..if that makes sense..I've focused alot on the tech aspects of film and story, which I still enjoy alot, but I think my art skills need to improve...ALOT.
But thanks for the encouragement.

Ole said...

Hey, good stuff here.

you wrote this on my blog a long time ago: "Hey,

I see you are interested in becoming an animator, where is it that you are interested in applying too for school?"
sorry didnt know where to reply.

I dont really know now, because I dont know where the good schools are.

anyways, good stuff here. will be checking in more often.

Jonathan Coit said...

Nice. I see some lights and I see some darks but not boat!

Andrew Murray said...

you're a turd, Jon. ha ha ha