Sunday, September 28, 2008

30sec Story Reel


An assignment I'm working on. It's in the rough reel stage now. There is to be five seconds of cleaned up, painted, animation which is an action analysis. I chose the jump & grab action. One of the aspects of the assignment is that it has a 30 second time frame. If anyone wants to give me their opinion one what they think that would be great, no time like the present to fix things. Wish it were better viewing quality...oh well it's only the rough, right?


zila said...

hahahah oh anDrew. this is very you. =D i like it! it's simple, anD straight to the point. i also like ur macho frogs he-man frogs. the miDDle frog kinDa reminDs me of you . =D
raccoons were SOOOO aggressive. never have i seen such aggressiveness in them coons before.. but it was fun. =D

Qbum Lee said...

short and to the point, while maintaining solid story arc. :)

as i mentioned, nice decision in moving the two frogs out of the frame.

you sir, are crazy. not i.

Wayne-Michael Lee said...

Simple and entertaining, with some fun poses. I really like it. Good job man.

Andrew Murray said...

Zila- HaHa seems to be whatever I draw ends up looking like me according to you. It does get to the point...wish I had more time though.

Q-I liked your idea you told me about having the frog's jump off in different directions, maybe the water or something new.

Wayne- If you really like this, just wait til the actual cleaned up version with animation and PU-ZAZZ!